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What To Expect
"Before" Milestone—note the sloping floor under the cabinets!
Foundation and structural steel for the new addition (directly underneath the old kitchen)
In-floor heating and electrical going in above the new foundation
What's behind your drywall? New electrical, phone, cable and built-in sound system
Insulating before the drywall goes up
Getting Started: Inside Our Proposal

Our standard operating procedure is to offer fixed-price bids with allowances for the work of major subcontractors, although time and materials bids are also welcomed. Because of our long-standing experience and relationships with local vendors, we often receive substantial discounts for materials such as tile, lighting, flooring, and fixtures. All materials discounts are passed on to you, the client, without markup.

Remodeling Basics: What to Expect

In our years of working with homeowners, we have noted that there seem to be some common high and low points during the remodeling process. While contractors and laborers may be accustomed to the dramatic changes involved in demolition and construction, there can be unique challenges in dealing with the day-to-day remodeling process in your own home. We believe it is important for you to know what to expect so that we can work together to minimize disruptions. Keeping in mind the end goal can also help with the combination of anxiety and excitement that often come hand-in-hand with renovating your home.

Milestones Along the Way

Your project will proceed in phases. We'll start by talking through your vision, consulting with our experts, and drafting any necessary plans. We will guide you through the permitting process and coordinate any necessary city inspections once we begin.

While we are fastidious about protecting your home, every remodeling job creates some degree of disorder, dust, and uncertainty. At Milestone Remodeling, we understand that it can be unsettling to have workers in your home, tearing down the old and constructing the new. Accordingly, we expect our crews and subcontractors to respect the fact that this is your home and not a vacant warehouse. At the end of each work day, we will clean up and leave the worksite as orderly as possible.

During the demolition phase, you will see new faces in and around your home on a regular basis. The “guts” of your house will be exposed, and electrical, heating, and plumbing services may be intermittently interrupted during this time. This may not be the most glamorous phase, but keep in mind that the demolition goes surprisingly quickly, and is a necessary precursor to what comes next.

After a thorough cleanup, we can start framing; during this phase, progress is often dramatic and easily noted. Next, the plumbing, electrical, and mechanical work get underway and the project may appear to slow down. But don't be fooled; there is a lot of detail work being done at this time in addition to any necessary inspections by city officials.

Most homeowners are excited about the next stage, in which the walls are covered with drywall and rooms start to take on their true proportions. This may be the point at which you start to envision what it will be like to really live in your new space.

The final phase of our work is the finish work—the grading and exterior concrete work; installation of all interior doors and finish woodwork; installation of cabinets, tile, and floor coverings; mirrors; glass shower doors; hardware; appliances; interior and exterior painting; etc. This phase often requires a fair amount of time and the efforts of a variety of subcontractors. Final inspections are also completed at this time.

Building Your Dream

Throughout the process, we work hard to keep things running smoothly and on schedule. If one aspect of the project falls out of sync, we will take care of rescheduling the necessary subcontractors. Depending on the scale of your project, the entire process may take only a few weeks, or it may take a number of months until your project is complete. Rest assured we will handle details large and small, deal with any surprises that come up along the way, and guide your project to completion with dedication and the skill that comes with experience.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this process, or any suggestions about how we can minimize disruption to your daily routine.